Day Date Prize Type Result
Tuesday 07/08/2014 FIRST PRIZE
Tuesday 07/08/2014 SECOND PRIZE
Tuesday 07/08/2014 THIRD PRIZE
Tuesday 07/08/2014 STARTER PRIZE
Tuesday 07/08/2014 CONSOLATION PRIZE


The Uruguay Lottery games include 5 de Oro, Revancha, Kini and La Tombola. The current Director General is Mr. Luis Gama. Some of the proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets go to benefit physical education, prescriptions and unemployment insurance.

Known as the Loterias y Quinielas, the Uruguay lottery is administered by the government. While popular, it's not quite the large-scale lottery which many have come to expect around the globe. The lottery can be played in a number of forms, including scratch tickets, online lottery terminals, raffles, instant lotteries and sports betting.